Organic cotton scarf

Organic cotton scarf

Chic and luxurious scarf and organic cotton shawl.

  • Cotton is a natural, hypoallergenic fiber. It provides a soft and flexible feel to the shawl, making it very comfortable to wear. AV08 selects cotton from organic farming, certified by GOTS. Explore also our collection of high-quality wool scarves..
  • Two different cotton weaves are available: either a plain weave, making the shawl soft, fluid, and light, or a twill weave, making the shawl slightly thicker and warmer. Feel free to read the product sheet, where this information is available, or send us a message for personalized advice. We'll be happy to assist you
  • The organic cotton shawl can be worn throughout the year.
  • For care, we recommend hand washing with cold water and natural drying to preserve the vibrant colors of the print and the softness of organic cotton
  • Discover the blue men's scarf.

chèche homme en coton

Once worn by the Tuaregs to face the harshness of the desert areas in northern Africa, the chèche has now become a fashion accessory that every man should have in his wardrobe. Although the aesthetic dimension has taken precedence over the sometimes vital utility of the scarf, it still revolves around comfort and protection against wind, cold, or intense heat, both in summer and winter. And to meet these requirements of elegance and everyday comfort, what could be better than a cotton scarf? Pleasant to the touch, highly flexible, and easy to care for, cotton is the preferred material for men's scarves. In the quest to offer you the best for this essential accessory, the AV08 Paris brand has chosen organic cotton to create its collection of men's scarves, along with a range of new arrivals.


Organic cotton, for a scarf carrying strong values!

Beyond the comfort, aesthetics, and flexibility that the cotton scarf represents, turning to organic cotton was a natural choice for the AV08 Paris brand, firmly committed to environmental protection values as well as respect for humanity and communities. Organic cotton farming requires over 90% less water and prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only are these aspects more virtuous for our planet, but they also result in a stronger and higher-quality fiber. Additionally, workers are protected from exposure to heavy metals and other pollutants present in conventional cotton farming. Finally, enriching your men's wardrobe with an organic cotton scarf means choosing a more resilient and higher-quality fiber, making it more durable. Similarly, you protect yourself from the risks of allergies since the fabrics are 100% natural and free from any chemical substances. The organic cotton we use for crafting your men's scarves holds the GOTS label, a highly demanding certification that ensures perfect respect for the environment in cultivation techniques as well as the protection of workers through better working conditions.


Why choose to wear a cotton shawl for men ?

Snood, scarf, shawl, pashmina, keffiyeh, tartan... Whatever name you give it, the cotton shawl for men allows you to accessorize any outfit, regardless of your style or the occasion. Gone are the days when it took long minutes to transform your shawl into a turban around your head. With the organic cotton shawl for men from the AV08 Paris brand, it only takes a moment and a simple hand gesture to add extra class to your outfit or to brighten your look and complexion. Whether styled like an aviator with multiple wraps around the neck, in a tie knot for a very dandy look, or casually tied around the neck with the ends hanging for a trendy keffiyeh and a relaxed look... It's a matter of preference and personality to wear the shawl! All outfits and all seasons lend themselves to wearing the organic cotton shawl for men. To protect against the cold in winter, the wind in the transitional seasons, or to stay cool in summer, the cotton shawl accompanies you throughout the year. Often synonymous with relaxation, the shawl is also an ideal accessory to enhance your outfit for work or the office, display an elegant silhouette in everyday tasks, or to match a very summery outfit, such as a linen T-shirt and trousers. 


How to choose your organic cotton shawl with the AV08 Paris brand ?

AV08 Paris has chosen prints and patterns rather than solid colors to create a collection of cotton shawls for men. Prints inspired by our travels around the world that allow you to wear the scarf according to who you are and what your personality is. It's because every man is different that we want to create men's accessories in various styles, with references to many places and themes. A choice that allows everyone to recognize themselves in a printed scarf shawl or a colorful men's shawl. Reversible shawl, geometric print shawl, bohemian shawl, multicolored shawl, classic striped shawl... You have plenty of choices to find and wear the shawl that suits you and enhance your outfits with a scarf shawl that reflects your image. Whether it's fall-winter or spring-summer, wearing the shawl as a neck wrap is primarily a matter of fashion preference, long before it keeps you warm or cool. Its crinkled appearance adds that touch of elegance that is both casual and chic, which you can pair with a leather jacket, jeans, and a pair of sneakers, as well as with a suit jacket, a classic trench coat, and derby shoes. AV08 Paris invites you to browse through the models of our collection of cotton shawls for men. Besides the guaranteed love at first sight, we promise you a high-quality shawl that praises our creativity, the artisanal expertise of our manufacturers, and the nobility of the fabric.